Your First Visit

Welcome to the dental office of Dr. Richard Moselle. On your first visit we will ask you for a complete health history and a description of your dental needs. The first visit includes a thorough dental and periodontal examination, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and oral cancer screening and, in most cases, full mouth x-rays.

A recommendation for treatment will then be made and your case will be discussed in full before any procedures are started.

Continuing Care

Our first priority is helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime. We don’t want you waiting for pain, infection or other signs of problems before you visit.

Your continuing care visits will be scheduled to meet your individual needs. These periodic visits are necessary to control gum disease, tooth loss due to tooth decay and unnecessary wear, bone loss, oral cancer and other diseases. In the event you need extended care, we will refer to you to a qualified specialist.

Help Yourself

An important part of keeping your teeth healthy is you! What you do for yourself away from the office will play a key role in helping us maintain your teeth. We will show you how to brush, floss and generally maintain optimum dental health at home.