Precision Design

Your mouth was designed as a unit system within your face, your head and the rest of your body. Every component part of your mouth including the teeth, gums, tongue, jaw bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles are designed to do specific things yet function as a whole unit.

Gnathologic dentists consider the unit as a whole and every part of the unit as a working component and a complement to all other parts, creating harmony in the system. Every tooth, every tooth surface and shape, has been designed for a specific purpose that allows the system to function properly.

Keeping The Design

Knowing that everything we do has an effect on the rest of the mouth, head and neck, we are very careful to consider the specific and overall impact of every dental procedure we do. A filling improperly placed, a poorly made crown or an irregular tooth surface can cause significant side effects over time including headaches, TMJ problems, broke teeth, gum disease and unnatural wear.

Dr. Moselle ensures the integrity of the structure remains through every procedure. All work is recommended for the benefit of your whole mouth.

Dental Work That Lasts A Lifetime

Gnathologic dental work can last a lifetime. Because your teeth, gums, jaw, etc. “fit” as a unit and work as a unit, we can never create a problem(s) when we solve another. For this reason, sometimes we may recommend some existing dental work be replaced, precious metal materials used over porcelain or other changes. Most important, all treatment is preceded by a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan.

Overall, you will feel better and certainly function better through the advanced science of gnathology.